About Us

Music City Insider, an American Music Channel web property, is an Entertainment News Portal for lovers of music at all levels.

Combined, we offer Music Videos, an Online Magazine filled with feature articles, interviews, album reviews, and industry insights, and a revolutionary Social Network that is at the same time a connection point for music fans, a platform for artists to promote and develop their careers, and a deep well of information to assist the industry professional in finding the next #1 song and emerging star.

Our ‘Visionary’ is Hal Willis, Founder and CEO of American Music Channel, Inc. Mr. Willis was formerly CEO of Country Music Television and CMT Europe, General Counsel for The Nashville Network and Acuff-Rose Music Publishing, and co-founder of mPhase Technologies, which in conjunction with the Georgia Tech Research Institute developed the world’s first system to send digital video over telephone lines. During Mr. Willis’s tenure at CMT and TNN, he witnessed the vast number of talented artists who were unable to be seen and heard by American music audiences due to the limited opportunities available through the existing structure of the music industry.

American Music Channel’s vision and intent is to offer the independent and emerging artist the same level of exposure that (to date) only those lucky few artists with major label record deals enjoy. And in doing so, American Music Channel provides fans of American music a single destination for all the music they want to hear.

Music City Insider features the latest news and very best in Web 2.0 technology for video and audio. This cutting edge Website will also place Music City Insider at the forefront in the growing niche of  exclusive online music content.

We have a highly skilled staff of professional writers who work very hard to provide the latest news in the music industry, and especially news relating to Music City (Nashville, TN).

The offering of news and editorial content available on musiccityinsider.com is constantly updated. Bookmark (CTRL+D) Music City Insider to check back frequently and read all the latest news.  Head over to americanmusicchannel.com to watch the hottest videos from featured, indie, and unsigned artists, and connect with fans, fellow artists, and industry professionals.